Best Video Game Streaming Websites

There are so many companies that have launched their own live video game streaming platforms within the last couple of years. More and more gamers are now sharing their experiences on social media live game streaming technology has allowed them to capture their gaming moments in high-quality videos and share them with millions of viewers using game streaming websites. On this page of, we share with you our top nine streaming sites to help you find the best ones for your gaming needs.

Top Video Game Streaming Websites

There are hundreds of streaming platforms out there, but finding the right one for your needs can be difficult and require careful analysis. To help you out, we've compiled our own list of the best live game streaming sites where video game tournaments are streamed daily.

  • Twitch: Twitch is by far the most recognizable of all the game streaming sites. Gamers love being able to live stream their video and Twitch lets them do it with ease. It displays information on the total number of followers, total views, and more. Twitch is really easy to set up and the interface is user-friendly. It is compatible with all popular video streaming utilities. Content from professionals as well as hobbyists is available and video playlists are accessible. What's more, everything can be accessed for free. A turbo account on the Twitch platform gives users access to extra chat rooms, exclusive emoticons and more functionality. The big eSports championships are streamed live on Twitch and you can subscribe to different channels and watch all your favourite streamers. There are video ads that can be annoying and the platform doesn't offer mobile streaming.
  • HitBox: The interface is similar to most of the competing video game streaming sites and users will find searching for their favourite videos a breeze. Streams can be categorized into private, public, and adult only collections. You do need to have a high-performance computer to live stream videos using HitBox. Built-in capture cards and external recording devices can also be used. The platform can be accessed for free.
  • Beam: Beam is an excellent site with a great design. Browsing and finding videos is easy and the site gets about 100,000 new and unique viewers every month. It is a very fast growing community. What's great about Beam is that it works perfectly on iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android devices. Everything is well organized and there is very little delay during streaming of heavy video games. Beam also supports video recording with 4K abilities at a frame rate of 60fps.
  • Azubu: There are lots of video streaming experts working with Azubu to boost its audience count and streams on the site are well organized. There are notable streamers and they are easy to identify. The primary focus of the site is on eSports activity so you can expect to find streams for games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and more.
  • Bigo Live: This is one of the fastest growing video game streaming websites over social media. The latest update to the platform came with extended support for all the rich features and game broadcasting is even easier. The site helps users to connect directly with the Bingo Live community and the video streaming side of the platform is great for bringing people together. The platform can be found on Mac, Google Play, and Android APK, and offers distinct options for broadcasting games.
  • YouTube Gaming: The design of this platform is quite good. It supports videos with 4K resolution at a 60fps frame rate. Video game streamers will find lists of transcoding facilities and users can easily organize videos and streams. The size of the audience of the YouTube gaming platform is growing and the mobile application supports iOS and Android.
  • Afreeca: This is a well-managed video game streaming platform that works great for all live streaming needs. It is popular with professional streamers and it is easy to live stream video content. Users can find everything with easy and favourite videos can be saved in an archive list. Viewers can easily find the popular broadcasters too.
  • Disco Melee: This is a popular website that focuses on social media, streaming, and gaming. The website provides users with easy browsing options and it's not cluttered. It could be compared to a one-stop shop for millions of streamers and there are three different showcases available. These are Social showcase, Viewer's showcase, and Streamers showcase. For those looking to watch great live streamers, there is excellent content available.
  • Gosu Gamers: This video game streaming website is popular with younger users for sharing their awesome gaming experiences. It works with a lot of advanced tools and is very easy for beginners to use. There are lots of eSports activities on this site and you'll find broadcasters of all age groups. It offers great interaction among users and if you are building a streaming business this site can really help you grow. It supports all popular file formats and the video content quality is excellent.