Discover the Hottest and Best LAN Games

LAN games have become quite popular at Games and Geeks and with LAN party games, players can gather and play games with compatible consoles or computers. A local area network will be established between the devices that will allow gamers to engage in multi-player video gaming action. The size of the network can vary and can be small, supporting just two or more players, or a large network where hundreds of players can enjoy interacting with a game. While LAN games were traditionally played on a PC, many of the newer consoles now support LAN gaming, including the Xbox 360 and PS3 and PS4 consoles. Modern consoles will come equipped with an Ethernet port that will allow players to communicate through the use of a switch or router.

There are some amazing games that can be played as LAN selections and some of the best LAN games even offer amazing video game tournament play. Those looking for thrilling action and the ability to engage in multi-player gaming will enjoy the best LAN games like StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Halo, Warcraft II, and many other leading titles that offer hours of action and endless excitement.

Co-op Gaming Action

Co-op games are a popular choice for many gamers as well and these games offer features that will allow players to work together as teammates against other opponents in multiplayer mode. By being able to play simultaneously, players can help each other by passing weapons, providing cover, adding healing life or performing co-op movements, and even stream games live across the world. These types of games can be played locally or over a network. Over the years these types of games have attracted the attention of many avid games and there are tons of amazing co-op RPG games that can be enjoyed, offering endless action and realistic gameplay.

The very best co-op games are those that will allow players to explore new and exciting worlds with a friend by their side. Single player games can be enjoyable, but avid gamers will want the action of multiplayer co-op RPG games that can deliver hours of entertainment and intense gaming action. Some of the more popular co-op games that can be enjoyed on PCs include Destiny 2, The Division, Left 4 Dead 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Diablo 3. There are always new and thrilling co-op ROG games being developer and gamers will be able to find many of these games playable online for free. There are also co-op games that can be enjoyed on consoles and some of these are the best LAN games.

Setting Up LAN

Some players will find there are different options when they are setting up a LAN game and Tunngle is a VPN tool that can help to deliver an amazing gaming experience. Many computer games have been developed with a LAN mode, but when this is not offered, players can simulate LAN with VPN software like Tunngle. This great tool allows players to engage in multiplayer thrills even if they are not on the same network as friends who are playing the same game. With Tunngle, users can enjoy hundreds of VPNs that are private and with the game browser, one can connect to a VPN and enjoy the action of LAN gaming.

A great starting point for those interested in the best LAN games is Gamerzunite. This is a community of online gamers that allows them to find LAN parties in their area and engage in thrilling multiplayer excitement. This well designed site is dedicated to uniting players from all over the world and here, they can post LAN parties and learn how they can get started with this amazing gaming experience. The site is also home to game news, new reviews, access to free games and more, so it a beneficial site for anyone that has an interest in LAN gaming and is looking to connect with other players.

LAN Gaming vs Online Gaming

No matter how players access games, they will find they have hundreds of options and a great selection of game titles. Playing online has some great advantages and it is a convenient way for any gamer to get involved in a great game. Online games will also allow players to connect with players from other locations, but players have come to enjoy the world of LAN games more than the standard online games that have been played for years.

With a LAN party, players can enjoy multiplayer action with others and will be able to connect with these players by using a router so they can engage in the same game and work as teams to complete common goals or quests. While LAN games can provide fun and excitement, they do have some drawbacks. Players will have to have a gaming rig and in some cases, this can be quite expensive. Hosting an actual LAN party can be quite difficult as it takes much time to prepare and execute. However, through the best LAN games, players can meet others with similar interests and enjoy the act of team building.

Both online and LAN gaming have many benefits and their share of drawbacks. LAN games are quite popular, but many players prefer to enjoy online games that are easier to access and will not require extensive equipment. Players will also find they have a larger selection of game titles when they choose to engage in online action.